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REPEATERS 11/30/2022
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General Repeaters (39)SEARCH RESULTS
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462.6750+ 141.3 General
447.275+ 131.8 Kd8kub
444.925+ 82.5 nm7r/r
444.700+ 88.5 NJ5R
147.120+ 88.5 K5UPS
Grants Pass
147.30+ K7LIX/MAN
443.625+ 123.0 W4ADC
147.075+ 123 KB3NIA
444.985+ 151.4 W2LGB
444.375+ 100.0 K4JDR
147.080+ W5ATP

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462.6750 + General 141.3 Allentown Pennsylvania Local Lehigh Emergency Monitoring Assn. - REACT Team C54... Add
447.275 + Kd8kub 131.8 Alpena Michigan Local From Alpena General Hospital Add
444.925 + nm7r/r 82.5 Astoria Oregon Local IRLP Node 3105. Please ID and let repeater drop be... Add
444.700 + NJ5R 88.5 Clark New Jersey Great coverage in the Union County area. Emergenci... Add
147.120 + K5UPS 88.5 Deming New Mexico Local Repeater is located about 12 miles north of Deming... Add
147.30 + K7LIX/MAN Grants Pass Oregon Local SOARC flagship repeater solar powered Add
443.625 + W4ADC 123.0 Greensboro North Carolina Local General coverage for Greensboro City and surroundi... Add
147.075 + KB3NIA 123 Harrisburg Pennsylvania Local PEMA repeater at Ellendale mountain site. Open for... Add
444.985 + W2LGB 151.4 Haverstraw New York Local The Voice of the Hudson Valley Repeater System Ech... Add
444.375 + K4JDR 100.0 Henderson North Carolina Local Good coverage of Kerr Lake. Private auto patch SA... Add
147.080 + W5ATP Houston Texas Local The Houston ECHO Society meets on the second Monda... Add
145.450 - KB3DXU 167.9 Huntersville Pennsylvania Local Located at the Long Ridge County Site in Eastern L... Add
146.625 - W9IRA Indianapolis Indiana Local Located in down town Indianapolis good gene... Add
146.840 - KE5IGO 136.5 Kaufman Texas Local Currently on the air but not at full power.... Add
145.190 - W4FAO 123 Lee Florida Local Madison County Amateur Radio Club Repeater (MARC))... Add
444.925 + NM7R/R 82.5 Long Beach Washington Local IRLP Node 3105. Please ID and let repeater drop be... Add
147.015 + WX4EMA 88.5 Macon Georgia Local This repeater is used by Bibb County ARES/Skywarn/... Add
440.175 + W7EM 100.0 Manzanita Oregon Local Open Repeater For General Amateur Use & is also an... Add
441.800 + W7YAM 114.8 McMinnville Oregon Local Repeater generally analog FM, but is also set up f... Add
146.860 - KD7YE 100.0 Monroe Utah Local Linked to the Sinbad system via 146.660 repeater. ... Add
145.27 - W4SRX 123.0 Monterey Tennessee Local Thursday nights 8:30pm CST general information and... Add
443.6 + W4BWW D125N New Market Tennessee Local Full time Link to 29.620 TECHNICIANS use with caut... Add
145.370 - WA2UKX 110.9 PENN YAN New York established in 1982 for ARES/RACES and general ama... Add
146.910 - W3BN 131.8 READING Pennsylvania Local W3BN/R IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE READING RADIO ... Add
145.360 - KQ6ZZ 91.5 Riverside California Local Closed repeater but open to visitors... Add
147.285 + AB2QZ 136.5 ROME New York Local Solar Powered Generally available March-Nov... Add
147.210 + W0BU 100.0 Saint Paul Minnesota Local Twin Cities Repeater Club. General coverage of Sou... Add
444.925 + NM7R/R 82.5 Seaside Oregon Local IRLP Node 3105. Please ID and let repeater drop be... Add
443.225 + KJ4HPM 100 Sevierville Tennessee Local Is used for general Amateur Use and Emergency Comm... Add
146.775 - W2CNY 151.4 Syracuse New York Local Onondaga County Dept of Emergency Communications. ... Add
53.110 + W7EM Tillamook Oregon Local Open Machine - For General Amateur Use & is an Eme... Add
441.300 + W7EM 100.0 Tillamook Oregon Local Open Repeater For General Amateur Use & is an Emer... Add
441.500 + W7EM 100.0 Tillamook Oregon Local Open Repeater for General Amateur Use & is also an... Add
145.150 - KB3DXU 167.9 Trout Run Pennsylvania Local Located at the Shrivers Ridge County Site in North... Add
443.550 + KC5WUA 103.5 Victoria Texas Local Open to General Public @ 400 feet... Add
145.350 - KB3DXU 167.9 Waterville Pennsylvania Located at the Waterville County Site in Western L... Add
147.105 + W2MER 123.0 West Windsor New Jersey Mercer County ARES/RACES repeater. Yaesu System Fu... Add
145.330 - KB3DXU 167.9 Williamsport Pennsylvania Local This repeater is owned by Lycoming County EMA and ... Add
462.675 + WQGU515 141.3 Williamsport Pennsylvania Local General Mobile Radio Service GMRS repeater located... Add

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