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Repeater DETAIL Page 9/17/2021
WQXD585 Repeater Detail Report    9/17/2021 2:58:55 PM
Repeater ID #36198 REPORT A PROBLEM (use this ID#36198 to reference this Repeater)
Call SignWQXD585
LocationFort Bragg, California
PL Tone141.3
Elevation100 ft.(above sea level)
Auto PatchNo
Web Site
Grid Square
Zip Code.00001 CLICK HERE to find local repeaters
Map map
CommentsThe repeater is a Vertex VXR9000 running 50 watts into a Decibel Db4072 duplexer. The repeater controller is a Zetron 38A The Antenna is a Hustler G6-450-3 fed by 1/2 inch Heliax cable. I also have a Dx radio systems Millenium repeater for a spare.
Last Update5/24/2017 4:52:57 PM
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