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6/22/2018       new jersey       Page 8
420 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
ROCKAWAY53.010 -136.5WA2SLR      LINKED WITH KB2ENF 446.625 OUT...Add
Rockway146.985 -131.8      More infoAdd
Roselle Park146.685 -WA2ZDN      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Roxbury146.985 -131.8K2GG      More infoAdd
Rutherford445.270 odd71.9Kc2dbj      2m/70cm crossband operates dur...Add
SADDLE BROOK224.42 -      More infoAdd
224.52 -      More infoAdd
SALEM224.46 -74.4N2KEJ      More infoAdd
Sayreville146.760 -156.7K2GE(5) Central Jersey Traffic Net CJT...Add
443.200 +141.3K2GE      Central Jersey Traffic Net (CJ...Add
Secaucus441.550 +91.5Kc2IES      Hudson County Races/Secaucus O...Add
446.550 -91.5w2kpc      Secaucus Office of Emergency M...Add
SHORT HILLS224.46 -      More infoAdd
Sicklerville446.375 -131.8N3PUU      Repeater open to all licensed ...Add
SOMERSET449.575 -151.4      More infoAdd
South Amboy440.250 +141.3WB2FYF(5) Recently upgraded transmitter/...Add
446.9 -118.8      More infoAdd
SOUTH BRUNSWICK443.4 +141.3WA2WSK/NJ2SB      Operated by South Brunswick Ra...Add
449.275 -141.3      More infoAdd
South Plainfield445.275 -67.0w2lpc(5) 2 Motorola M1225LS mobile radi...Add
South River224.780 -123.0Ne2e      Wide are bilingual linked syst...Add
443.550 +141.3WB2SNN      IRLP node 4287. Affiliated wit...Add
444.250 +123.0Ne2e      Wide area bilingual linked sys...Add
Sparta146.6350 -KC2QZE(8) This is a D-STAR DVAR Hot Spot...Add
224.68 -      More infoAdd
SPRINGFIELD147.505 -      More infoAdd
445.525 -88.5      More infoAdd
446.375 +141.3W2FCC(7) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
STANHOPE441.2 +151.4      More infoAdd
Stratford462.700 +94.8WQRL268(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
SUCCASUNNA447.775 -      More infoAdd
SUMMIT440.05 +141.3ka2ykc      More infoAdd
445.025 -141.3W2NJR      WIDE AREA LINKED SYSTEM:KK2ED ...Add
Tabernacle145.15 -91.5K2BU      More infoAdd
Tinton Falls448.925 -94.8K2EPD(8) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Toms River146.910 -127.3W2DOR      Jersey Shore Amateur Radio soc...Add
29.62 -      More infoAdd
443.100 +94.8N2IXU(6) This repeater is linked to fiv...Add
444.000 +141.3WA2OTP      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
444.8 +123N2PUZ      More infoAdd
449.000 +141.3WB2LLS      More infoAdd
449.825 -131.8WA2RES(8) Ocean County ARES Primary Repe...Add
449.875 -127.3N2PUZ      More infoAdd
Trenton442.200 +141.3N2GBK/R(8) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
447.525 -K2NI      More infoAdd
UNION446.375 -141.3      More infoAdd
449.075 -141.3N2HMM      More infoAdd
5665.0 oddw2ver(3) FM ATV repeater. Vertical omni...Add
918.075 o141.3W2VER      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd

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6/22/2018       new jersey       Page 9
420 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
VERONA224.480 -K2DEE      More infoAdd
448.875 -151.4W2UHF(8) Morris-Essex Amateur Radio Clu...Add
Villas447.825 179.9KC2DOK(5) Moving to 165 foot tower in De...Add
VINELAND146.655 -      More infoAdd
447.425 -131.8W3BXW      Part of the BEARS networkAdd
448.525 -156.7N2EHS(10) Total height with elevation is...Add
462.700 +5127.3WPSI726      Repeater open for pass through...Add
W. Atlantic City443.250 +146.2W2HRW      SPARC 440 (shore points amateu...Add
Wall145.110 +127.3N2MO(10) Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio C...Add
WALLINGTON442.75 +123KF2GG      This repeater is operated on t...Add
WANAQUE442.15 +      More infoAdd
WARREN223.96 -      More infoAdd
445.725 -136.5      More infoAdd
Warrenville224.00 -NONEK2PM/RPT(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
WASHINGTON146.82 -110.9W2SJT      Penn-Jersey ARC also used by ...Add
224.66 -      More infoAdd
443.85 +110.9W2SJT      Owner: Penn-Jersey ARC and use...Add
Waterford Works145.210 -D174W2FLY(5) Mixed-Mode NXDN Digital WWnet ...Add
147.345 +127.3WA3BXW      Trustee change from K5YKG (ex ...Add
224.62 -      More infoAdd
444.450 +W2FLY(5) NXDN Digital only WWNet RAN 1,...Add
Wayne145.210 -79,7 [79.7]KD2KWT(5) Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency ...Add
224.06 -79.7 [79.7]KD2KWT(5) Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency ...Add
444.800 +79.7KD2KWT(5) Wayne Radio Amateur Emergency ...Add
WEST MILFORD444.6 +141.3      More infoAdd
West Orange146.415 +1M85.4WA2JSB      More infoAdd
146.745 -      More infoAdd
224.06 -      More infoAdd
224.18 -      More infoAdd
442.6 +141.3      More infoAdd
446.575 -107.2      More infoAdd
447.875 -156.7WA2JSB      More infoAdd
WEST PATERSON146.61 -W2FCL      More infoAdd
444.600 +131.8KC2MDA      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
West Trenton146.67 -131.8W2ZQ      W2ZQ is the club repeater of t...Add
Williamstown145.390 -91.5K2DX/r(10) Sponsored by: K2DX and WC2K. W...Add
Willingboro146.925 -131.8WB2YGO      Willingboro Area Repeater Grou...Add
223.880 +WB2YGO      Willingboro Area Repeater Grou...Add
442.050 +118.8WB2YGO      Willingboro Area Repeater Grou...Add
Winslow145.150 -91.5K2AX(10) Active repeater with outstandi...Add
Wood-Ridge443.750 +141.3W2RN(5) does analog and P-25 mixed mod...Add
Woodbine146.610 -88.5N2CMC      Owned and Operated by the Cape...Add
Woodbridge442.150 +94.8KC2QVK(5) This repeater is part of the K...Add

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