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1/20/2017       nevada       Page 5
234 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Reno444.35 +123N7NV      More infoAdd
Fallon444.375 +123.0K5BLS(3) 123.0 & 100.0 [PL] Remote base...Add
Wildhorse444.500 +100.0W7LKO      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Ely444.575 +KY7E      More infoAdd
Reno444.65 +94.8WA6TLW      More infoAdd
Fernley444.7 +94.8KD7JO      More infoAdd
Elko444.700 +WA7BWF      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Nixon444.75 +94.8WA7MOC      More infoAdd
Reno444.775 +100kd7dpw(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
444.800 +123.0NV7RM      More infoAdd
Carson City444.825 +123N7RH      More infoAdd
MCCLEALLAN PEAK444.825 +123WA7DG      More infoAdd
RENO444.825 +      More infoAdd
Battle Mountain444.85 +94.8WB7WTS      More infoAdd
Fernley444.85 +94.8WA6TLW      More infoAdd
YERINGTON444.875 +100      More infoAdd
Hawthorne444.95 +94.8WB7WTS      More infoAdd
Winnemucca444.95 +94.8KA7HQZ      More infoAdd
Elko444.950 +100.0W7LKO      Linked to 146.85 146.91...Add
Las Vegas446.600 -100.0W0JAY      EchoIRLP open system. http://8...Add
Henderson446.825 -100N4NJJ(10) AllStar Link repeater. The nod...Add
Las Vegas447.000 -123.0N7ARR(5) NARRI IRLP Node 3260 Echolink ...Add
Henderson447.6500 -123.0KE7OPJ/R(5) Echolink #8774 / IRLP #3336 OP...Add
Las Vegas447.850 -127.3KD5MSS      Very active open repeater. Lin...Add
448.075 -127.3WN9ANF(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
448.725 -      More infoAdd
North Las Vegas448.775 -WH6CYB      Closed system linked to...Add
Las Vegas448.8250 -146.2CNARN(5) Open CNARN VOiP Linked Repeate...Add
Henderson448.875 -114.8K7RSW(5) EchoLink node #7745 press D be...Add
HI POTOSI449.175 -      More infoAdd
LO POTOSI449.25 -      More infoAdd
Las Vegas449.300 -167.9N7YOR      Linked to 1.2ghz on Mt PotosiF...Add
Sparks449.300 -88.5KK7ECV(5) Will be linked to IRLP Node 30...Add
Carlin449.350 -186.2WB7BTS      User controlled link to Sno-Bo...Add
LO POTOSI449.400 -      More infoAdd
Las Vegas449.500 -127.3n7tnd      More infoAdd
449.575 -W7AES(5) More infoAdd
N LAS VEGAS449.675 -      More infoAdd
LAS VEGAS449.7 -      More infoAdd
WELLS449.75 -      More infoAdd
Mesquite449.750 -123N7ARR      Open Repeater. NARRI IRLP Node...Add
North Las Vegas449.800 -123.0N6ARM      Linked repeater system; 1.2ghz...Add
Nellis AFB449.875 -127.3KC7TMC      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
RENO51.86 -94.8n7vxb      links to 441.175 at north Lak...Add
Reno/Lake Tahoe51.86 -94.8N7VXB      More infoAdd
Reno52.58 -114.8WA7DG      More infoAdd
52.84 -123K7UI      More infoAdd
Las Vegas53.01 -WB6TNP(5) More infoAdd
Elko53.25 -100.0W7LKO      This repeater linked to other ...Add
Las Vegas927.2500 -114.8ka3idn      On angel Peak links to ...Add
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1/20/2017       nevada       Page 6
234 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Boulder City927.3125 -ka3idn      DPL 606 On Opal Peak l...Add
Las Vegas927.3875 -151.4ka3idn      More infoAdd
Elko927.4875 -100.0KE7LKO(5) input -25 MHz Located at Adobe...Add
Las Vegas927.5250 -127.3ka3idn      Located on HI Potosi very wide...Add
927.5625 -123.0n6lxx      links to los angels sa...Add
927.5875 -131.8kg7ss      More infoAdd
Laughlan927.8875 -ka3idn      DPL 606 links to 927.3875Add

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,



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