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5/25/2017       mississippi       Page 4
220 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Mendenhall145.210 -100.0kb5ikr      this repeater is in mendenhall...Add
443.6 +      More infoAdd
meridian145.410 -97.4w5lrg(5) Good Local Repeater. Supported...Add
146.700 -w5fq      operated by the Meridian Amate...Add
146.970 -100.0no5c(5) Fusion Digital; auto/auto. Goo...Add
162.55 KIH49      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
444.100 +131.8KB5BRZ      More infoAdd
444.4 +      More infoAdd
444.500 +107.2W5LRG      supported by Lauderdale Repeat...Add
MONTICELLO147.015 +      More infoAdd
MOOREVILLE146.64 -      More infoAdd
NATCHEZ146.685 -      More infoAdd
146.91 -      More infoAdd
147.36 +      More infoAdd
443.8 +      More infoAdd
NEW ALBANY145.230 -KC5VZI      More infoAdd
146.745 -88.5KD5YVY(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
444.15 +      More infoAdd
NEW HEBRON147.09 +      More infoAdd
444.525 +      More infoAdd
OCEAN SPRINGS147.03 +      More infoAdd
Olive Branch147.255 +79.7KD5CKP/R(5) This repeater is operated by t...Add
444.700 +107.2W5OBM/R(7) Good coverage. Great bunch of ...Add
Oxford147.33 +107.2W5LAF      Oxford-Lafayette County ARES R...Add
162.55 KIH52      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
444.350 +107.2W5LAF(10) Located at Baptist Memorial Ho...Add
Parchman162.5 WWG37      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
Pascagoula145.11 -123.0W5WA      This is to update your current...Add
146.88 -KJ5NG      More infoAdd
146.97 -      More infoAdd
224.32 -      More infoAdd
PEARL147.15 +88.5      More infoAdd
444.375 +88.5      More infoAdd
Pelahatchie145.390 -77.0W5PPB      647 foot antenna mounted on a ...Add
PETAL147.135 +n5lrq      Moved from Petal to VossburgAdd
147.36 +136.5W5CJR(5) Linked to 443.350 in Sumrall a...Add
443.35 +      More infoAdd
Philadelphia147.330 +N5EPP      This repeater is supported and...Add
444.950 +WB5YGI      Located in Sand Town community...Add
PICAYUNE145.15 -      More infoAdd
443.725 -179.9KE5LT      More infoAdd
POLKVILLE147.045 +141.3      More infoAdd
PONTOTOC147.38 +      More infoAdd
224.9 -      More infoAdd
29.62 -      More infoAdd
444.85 +      More infoAdd
PORT GIBSON146.625 -141.3AF5OQ(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
PRENTISS147.39 +      More infoAdd
PURVIS146.67 -kb5zcx      More infoAdd
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5/25/2017       mississippi       Page 5
220 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Quitman147.390 +100KF5MWE(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Raymond441.700 +77.0W5PPB      DB420 antenna at 415 feet on a...Add
RICHTON147.06 +      More infoAdd
444.625 +      More infoAdd
Ridgeland443.700 +77.0N5WDG(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Rienzi444.900 +100WS0Q(7) ECHOLINK with KD5YVY Repeater ...Add
SALTILLO146.835 -123.0KD5YBE      Open Repeater. Has Backup Powe...Add
SENATOBIA146.985 -107.2KB5DMT      More infoAdd
Sharon145.450 -77.0W5PPB(5) Antenna 600 ft. Located 33 mil...Add
Southaven145.35 -      located in Southaven,MS at I-5...Add
145.37 -      More infoAdd
444.925 +      More infoAdd
Starkville146.730 -210.7KD5GVU(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
146.805 -      More infoAdd
444.750 +KD5GVU      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Stennis Space Ctr147.210 +136.5N5GJB(6) Sponsored by the Stennis Amate...Add
444.65 +136.5N5GJB(6) Simulcasts with the 147.21 rep...Add
Sumner147.090 +WB5FXH      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
SUMRALL147.195 +      More infoAdd
TUPELO147.24 +      More infoAdd
UNION147.21 +      More infoAdd
147.240 +103.5K5SZN      Owned by K5SZN and operated by...Add
VICKSBURG145.29 -      More infoAdd
145.41 -100.0W5WAF      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
147.27 +100.0K5ZRO      Owned and operated by the Vick...Add
444.925 +      More infoAdd
VOSSBURG442.725 +167.9n5lrq      More infoAdd
WALLS145.27 -162.2      More infoAdd
444.65 +      More infoAdd
WARSAW147.225 +      More infoAdd
Water Valley147.000 -N5DXM      Open to all WE or a small grou...Add
147.270 +107.2Kd5ndu(5) More infoAdd
WAYNESBORO147.105 +      More infoAdd
444.5 +      More infoAdd
West Point147.180 +KC5LIO      Clay County Amateur Radio Soci...Add
443.450 +N5WXD      N5WXD/KC5LIO owned. Supported ...Add
WIGGINS145.27 -      More infoAdd
443.3 +      More infoAdd
WINFIELD147.04 +192.8      More infoAdd
Winona146.970 -110.9N5EYM(10) emergency power/echolink 18529...Add
444.95 +      More infoAdd
Yazoo147.225 +77.0Ke5yes(9) Repeater has very good coverag...Add
yazoo city147.825 +77.0ke5yes(8) More infoAdd

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,



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