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7/31/2014       kentucky       Page 7
365 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Foster443.125 +123.0KU4ML(4) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Florence443.1750 +131.8N8OXA      standalone or portable repeate...Add
DORTON443.25 +       More infoAdd
LAWRENCEBURG443.325 +       More infoAdd
Louisville443.35 +118.8K4ULW      More infoAdd
LOUISVILLE443.45 +       More infoAdd
Union/Beaverlick443.475 +131.8N8OXA      standalone or portable repeate...Add
LOUISVILLE443.5 +       More infoAdd
META443.5 +       More infoAdd
Burlington443.525 +131.8N8OXA      Often linked to 444.425+ pl107...Add
GRAEFENBURG443.55 +       More infoAdd
443.550 +N4HZX(5) EchoLink will be online in two...Add
Nancy443.600 +100.0KA4UHL      More infoAdd
Georgetown443.625 +NE4ST(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
OWENSBORO443.650 +203.5N4WJS/EMA      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Magnolia443.6750 +77.0WA4FOB/R      ARES/RACES linked repeater to ...Add
VERSAILLES443.775 +       More infoAdd
Murray443.8 + K4MSU      More infoAdd
Prestonsburg443.825 + K4AVY      450 feet up WQHY-FM tower at 2...Add
Irvine444.000 +100AD4RT(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Paducah444.000 +141.3W4WWS(5) This repeater site has emergen...Add
Salyersville444.050 +127.3KE4NLL      More infoAdd
Williamsburg444.050 +100.0kb4ptj(10) this is a very active system t...Add
INDEPENDENCE444.075 +110.9KB8SBN      THE ANT IS AT 300 FT ON A 300 ...Add
LOUISVILLE444.1 +173.8       More infoAdd
Bowling Green444.100 +W4WSM(6) Part time linked to 147.165. A...Add
Lexington444.125 +88.5KB8QLC      Located on the tallest buildin...Add
FLORENCE444.175 +192.8KC4COV      Linked with 443.175. Open Aut...Add
UNION444.175 +100       More infoAdd
Villa Hills/Cincinnati444.175 +131.8N8OXA      standalone or portable repeate...Add
PRESTONSBURG444.2 +       More infoAdd
Marion444.200 +KR4PF      More infoAdd
GLASGOW444.25 +       More infoAdd
Jenkins/Pound444.250 +107.2KK4WH(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Dawson Springs444.275 + ke4szi      More infoAdd
Manchester444.275 +79.7KF4IFC(5) Echolink Node 16883. Linked to...Add
Louisville444.300 +156.7wb4zzd      sometimes linked to 147.150 ka...Add
WALTON444.35 +       More infoAdd
Edgewood444.350 +123.0K4CO      Replaces 444.350 listed for Wa...Add
PIKEVILLE444.375 +       More infoAdd
Russell Springs444.400 +KV4D(5) This is an open repeater, all ...Add
Dry Ridge444.425 +107.2KD4EVB      Often linked to 443.525+ pl131...Add
Simpsonville444.450 +100.0KO4OT      Good coverage in west Shelby a...Add
PIKEVILLE444.475 +       More infoAdd
HENDERSON444.5 +       More infoAdd
LOUISVILLE444.5 +       More infoAdd
GRETHEL444.525 +       More infoAdd
LEWISPORT444.55 +       More infoAdd
Owensboro444.550 +103.5KI4JXN      Diesel Backup Power. Weather S...Add

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7/31/2014       kentucky       Page 8
365 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
PHELPS444.575 +       More infoAdd
LOUISVILLE444.6 +151.4N4MRM(5) Part of the 147.070 Repeater P...Add
Madisonville444.600 +103.5KC4FIE(2) More infoAdd
HAWESVILLE444.625 +       More infoAdd
BOWLING GREEN444.65 +136.5       More infoAdd
ROBINSON CREEK444.675 +       More infoAdd
LOUISVILLE444.7 +       More infoAdd
Henderson444.725 +82.5KY4K(5) Open for all to use. Emergercy...Add
LEXINGTON444.725 +       More infoAdd
Ashland444.750 +88.5KC8ERN      Located at highest point in Bo...Add
Allen444.775 +123.0N4IWZ      More infoAdd
ELIZABETHTOWN444.8 +      7/16/11 Elizabethtown LTRC 444...Add
SALEM444.825 +       More infoAdd
LEXINGTON444.85 +       More infoAdd
HODGENVILLE444.875 +       More infoAdd
CORBIN444.9 +100       More infoAdd
HIGHLAND HEIGHTS444.9 +       More infoAdd
Louisville444.900 +100W4PF(7) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
glasgow444.925 +114.8ky4x      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Lexington444.950 +88.5KK4PQU(5) More infoAdd
ASHLAND444.975 +       More infoAdd
Nicholasville444.975 +K4HH(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
SPRINGFIELD449.6 -       More infoAdd
Hopkinsville462.6000 +114.8WQBS761(8) Family Owned. If GMRS Licensed...Add
Louisville462.6000 +136.5WPOL710(4) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
52.025 +       More infoAdd
ASHLAND53.01 -       More infoAdd
Burnside53.03 -openKY6MTR(5) Fast Scan ATV audio at Night. ...Add
Nancy53.270 -100.0KA4UHL      More infoAdd
Louisville53.290 - KF4UAQ      Generally linked to one or bot...Add
HIGHLAND HEIGHTS53.33 -       More infoAdd
Dorton53.350 -100.0WR4AMS      under construction. Will be lo...Add
Louisville53.410 -100.0KK4CZ(10) This 6 meter repeater is tied ...Add
STANTON53.81 -100wd4kne(5) now with dual recieve antennas...Add
irvine53.810 -100 [no]wd4kne(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
London53.910 -127.3KE4ZJT      More infoAdd
Lexington927.725 -156.7KA4MKG      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,



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