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4/27/2018       arizona       Page 6
306 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Phoenix447.950 -100.0N7TWB(5) On air with new radio. IRLP no...Add
HUALAPAI MTN/HAYDEN PK448 -      More infoAdd
Marana448.000 -100.0KC7CPB(9) Linked to K7ICU Repeater in N....Add
Tolleson448.075 -100AJ9Y(8) AllStar: 28301 Win System IRLP...Add
HUALAPAI MTN/HAYDEN PK448.25 -131.8      More infoAdd
KINGMAN448.25 131.8      More infoAdd
Mesa448.275 -100WB7TJD(8) Stand alone Repeater owned by ...Add
Tucson448.325 -156.7K7RST(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
448.350 -107.2N1DHS/R2(10) DPL503 The repeater is locate...Add
PINAL PEAK448.425 -103.5KD7DR      More infoAdd
Chandler448.450 -136.5N0FPE(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
PINAL PEAK448.475 -100.0W7ARA      More infoAdd
PHOENIX448.500 -100.0k7kwa      More infoAdd
Prescott448.500 -100.0KB6TWC      LASTTRUMPET.ORG Repeater / loc...Add
Eloy448.525 -127.3N7DJR(5) Recently relocated to Eloy In ...Add
Kingman448.550 -123.0K7MPR(5) The MOHAVE AMATURE RADIO CLUB ...Add
TOWERS MTN448.575 -      More infoAdd
MULE MTN/BISBEE448.6 -      More infoAdd
Mesa448.7250 -110.9KE7JFH(8) P-25/mixed mode; EMRG PWR 110....Add
Tucson448.775 -100.0K7RML(5) Catalina Radio Club Open Repea...Add
Phoenix448.800 -W7BSA      Explorer Post 599---Open to al...Add
BENSON448.825 -      More infoAdd
Thompson Pk448.825 -100.0K7MCS(5) More infoAdd
TUCSON448.95 -107.2wb6ufq      was 146.97 az band plans 146....Add
Chandler448.950 -100.0WW7CPU(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
MESA449.025 -(5) More infoAdd
PAGE449.025 -      More infoAdd
BLACK PEAK449.05 -      More infoAdd
Lake Havasu City449.125 -67K6PNG(5) Repeater is connected to the W...Add
ROOF BUTTE449.175 -      More infoAdd
TOWERS MTN449.175 -      More infoAdd
Phoenix449.200 -100.0KC5CAY(7) Open Repeater at Sky Harbor Ai...Add
Green Valley449.225 -107.2AA7RP(5) Allstar EchoLink & IRLP...Add
MT BENEDICT449.225 -      More infoAdd
Chino Valley449.25 -192.8K7POF(5) Amateur Radio Newsline transmi...Add
TUCSON449.25 -100      More infoAdd
San Tan449.325 -100.0N7DJZ(5) Excellent coverage Well mainta...Add
GREEN VALLEY449.35 -156.7      More infoAdd
GREENS PEAK449.35 -      More infoAdd
ELEPHANT HEAD PEAK449.375 -107.2WE7GV(5) This is part of the WIN repeat...Add
Scottsdale449.425 -100.0K0NL(5) EchoLink 75701 Digital dPMR AM...Add
HUALAPAI MTN/HAYDEN PK449.475 -      More infoAdd
TUCSON449.475 -      More infoAdd
MULE MTN/BISBEE449.525 -100      More infoAdd
PHOENIX449.525 -      More infoAdd
Shaw Butte449.525 -100      More infoAdd
TUCSON449.55 -107.2      More infoAdd
Vail449.550 -107.2K7LHR/R(8) This repeater will be linked t...Add

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4/27/2018       arizona       Page 7
306 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Glendale449.575 -100.0kb7obj(10) i have had this frequency for ...Add
Phoenix449.575 -100.0k7kwa      More infoAdd
TUCSON449.575 -      More infoAdd
Flagstaff449.600 -162.2KD7IC(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Mesa449.600 -100WB7TJD(6) This repeater is linked to the...Add
449.625 -100.0W7ARA      Located on top of the BofA in ...Add
TUCSON449.625 -      More infoAdd
Signal Peak449.650 -100.0WA7HUH      More infoAdd
Prescott449.675 -88.5WB7BYV      More infoAdd
SUN CITY449.800 -100.0W7JHQ(5) WVARC Located on Banner Boswel...Add
TUCSON449.800 -DPL503N1DHS(9) Analog and DMR dual mode repea...Add
Gilbert449.825 -gilbertAJ7T(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Sierra Vista449.825 -100.0N0NBH(9) System of five open repeaters ...Add
TUCSON449.875 -100.0KC0LL      Located on 7000 Keyston...Add
NAVAJO MTN449.925 -      More infoAdd
RED MTN/PATAGONIA449.95 -      More infoAdd
TUCSON449.975 -100.0KC0LL      Located on 9000 Mt. Lem...Add
Glendale462.675 +141.3WQKB321(5) GMRS Repeater. Open to license...Add
MT. UNION52.56 -100      More infoAdd
Prescott52.56 -100N7NGM(5) We have occasional crackle on ...Add
MT. LEMMON52.72 -136.5K7LHR(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
TUCSON53.15 -      More infoAdd
Mingus Mtn.927.0875 -151.4WB7BYV(9) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Prescott927.3875 -151.4WB7BYV      Linked to 449.675 & 927.0875 E...Add
Mesa927.4625 -151.4N7MK(8) EMRG PWR Linked to 1.2 ...Add
Lake Havasu927.4750 -WB6TNP(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Chandler/Mesa927.7125 -151.4N0FPE(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Pinal Peak927.8375 -151.4N7TWW(6) More infoAdd
Sierra Vista927.9125 -100.0N0NBH(9) System of five open repeaters ...Add

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,



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