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3/1/2015       Virginia       Page 8
423 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Williamsburg444.1 +KB4ZIN      Adding call sign for existing ...Add
South Hill444.125 +74.4W4CMH      VaRACES Inc. Part of th...Add
LEXINGTON444.15 +      More infoAdd
FANCY GAP444.175 +107.2WD4ICX      Linked to repeaters north in W...Add
Roanoke444.175 +103.5K4IJ      Poor Mountain Part Of The Thre...Add
STUART444.175 +107.2      More infoAdd
ENON444.2 +      More infoAdd
WAYNESBORO444.2 +141.3      More infoAdd
CHARLOTTESVILLE444.25 +      More infoAdd
Prince George County444.275 +103.5W4RDF      Repeater covers Prince George ...Add
Roanoke444.275 +103.5K4IJ(5) Located At Community Hospital<...Add
Falls Church444.3 +      More infoAdd
Accomac444.300 +156.7K4BW(10) The K4BW UHF repeater 444.300+...Add
Roanoke444.325 +103.5KD4EMP      update-part of KD4EMP & WB3T 4...Add
WYTHEVILLE444.325 +      More infoAdd
BEDFORD444.35 +      More infoAdd
Clifton Forge444.375 +103.5K4IJ      Located on Warm Springs Mounta...Add
Fancy Gap444.375 +107.2N4OWU      More infoAdd
DANVILLE444.4 +      More infoAdd
Gordensville444.400 +151.4KF4UCI(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Roanoke444.400 +74.4KC4TJY(10) WE ARE TESTING AT THIS TIME AN...Add
ALTAVISTA444.425 +      More infoAdd
BLUEFIELD444.45 +      More infoAdd
Stafford444.450 +79.7WW4VA      Stafford Amateur Radio Associa...Add
Norfolk444.475 +74.4W4VB(8) Norfolk ARESE-POWERAdd
Roanoke444.475 +103.5K4IJ(5) Tinker Mountain Part Of The Th...Add
LYNCHBURG444.5 +      More infoAdd
Hampton444.55 +88.5W4QR(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
444.55 +167.9KE4ZBA      More infoAdd
Lynchburg444.550 +136.5W4WWQ      More infoAdd
ALEXANDRIA444.6 +107.2      More infoAdd
HARRISONBURG444.6 +      More infoAdd
BLUEFIELD444.625 +      More infoAdd
South Boston444.625 +5W4HCH(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
RICHMOND444.65 +      More infoAdd
Blacksburg444.650 +107.2N4NRV(5) More infoAdd
Pearisburg/Dismal Peak444.675 +103.5K4IJ/K4WCH      Part Of The Three Dog Repeater...Add
GATE CITY444.7 +      More infoAdd
Williamsburg444.700 +100.N4ARI(3) Low profile local. Link...Add
Boydton444.725 +100.0K4MMS(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Dulles Airport444.750 +100.0K4IAD(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Newport News444.775 +KI4LAO(5) The KI4LAO UHF repeater is loc...Add
Waynesboro444.775 +151.4KF4UCI(9) On Bear Den Mt. 2838 feet. Lin...Add
BEDFORD444.8 +100      More infoAdd
OILVILLE444.8 +      More infoAdd
Staunton444.825 +131.8WA4ZBP      More infoAdd
NORTON444.85 +103.5      More infoAdd
RICHMOND444.85 +      More infoAdd
BIG A MOUNTAIN444.875 +      More infoAdd

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3/1/2015       Virginia       Page 9
423 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Wallops Island444.880 +100.0W4WFF(5) Located at the NASA Wallops Fl...Add
FANCY GAP444.9 +      More infoAdd
WOODBRIDGE444.9 +      More infoAdd
ROANOKE444.925 +      More infoAdd
STAUNTON444.95 +      More infoAdd
Buckingham444.950 +110.9WW4GW(5) D-STAR Off The Grid System Wit...Add
Virginia Beach444.950 +WA4KXV      More infoAdd
PEARISBURG444.975 +103.5      More infoAdd
Tysons Corner447.025 -100NV4FM      Replaces the 444.750 repeater ...Add
Berryville447.475 -WB2KPH      More infoAdd
Haymarket448.325 -118.8KT4ER      More infoAdd
FAIRFAX448.375 -K4XY(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
King George448.475 -79.7K3DWW      Linked to SARG 146.775 Rptr in...Add
WASHINGTON DC448.575 -      More infoAdd
Winchester448.775 -146.2W4RKC      Sponsored by the Shenandoah Va...Add
Ashburn448.825 -77.0KQ4CI      Wide Area T-Marc Coordi...Add
WASHINGTON DC448.875 -      More infoAdd
Winchester449.175 -WA4RS      More infoAdd
Haymarket449.775 -KA4DCS      More infoAdd
BLUEMONT449.925 -146.2WA4TSC(5) Motorola 25 watt repeater with...Add
WASHINGTON DC449.975 -      More infoAdd
Virginia Beach462.625 +WPXY658      **This is an update to a pre-e...Add
462.650 +WPXY658      Open GMRS repeater. Please con...Add
Spotsylvania51.86 -WA1ZFB      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Fredericksburg51.860 -127.3W1ZFB      Full time link to 53.07 Gumspr...Add
Front Royal51.94 -141.3K4QJZ(5) Open Repeater at 2400 feet on ...Add
STUART52.570 Odd107.2WB4GUG      Linked to repeaters north in W...Add
LEXINGTON53.01 -      More infoAdd
AMELIA COURTH53.11 -      More infoAdd
ALEXANDRIA53.13 -107.2      More infoAdd
DANVILLE53.13 -      More infoAdd
BEDFORD53.15 -      More infoAdd
GATE CITY53.21 -      More infoAdd
Buckingham53.23 -110.9WW4GW(8) Off The Grid System With Solar...Add
ROANOKE53.25 -      More infoAdd
Newport News53.250 -100.0KT4QW(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
FANCY GAP53.29 -107.2      More infoAdd
PEARISBURG53.47 -KE4JYN      Located on Dismal Peak ...Add
South Boston53.630 -100.0W4HCH(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Rustburg53.770 -103.5N4TZE      More infoAdd
Portsmouth53.890 -W4POX(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Madison53.910 -100.0AD4CG      More infoAdd
APPLE ORCHARD MTN.921.1 -100WA1ZMS/R      Linked full time to 224.180Add
Richmond927.050 -100W4fc/r(5) 110 watt FM/P25 digital Crossb...Add
Roanoke927.5125 -100.0KE4NYV      Owned by the Four Crackheads R...Add
Fredericksburg927.5250 -192.8W1ZFB(5) More infoAdd

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