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5/5/2015       Oregon       Page 6
355 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Medford440.725 +110.9kb7fmb      Rogue Valley Linking Associati...Add
ROUGE RIVER440.725 +      More infoAdd
Coos Bay440.800 +103.5WA7JAW      More infoAdd
HILLSBORO440.825 +KJ7IY      More infoAdd
Medford440.825 +WA6RHK/BCS      Rogue Valley Linking Associati...Add
PHOENIX440.825 +      More infoAdd
Milwaukie440.850 +107.2ka7qgd      More infoAdd
Tillamook440.900 +118.8W7GC      Linked to 442.750 Rockaway Bea...Add
Astoria440.925 +100.0N7BAG      The 440.925 is full time linke...Add
EUGENE441.125 +      More infoAdd
Tillamook441.250 +118.0W7LI(10) Open Repeater. Located on Mt H...Add
Salem441.275 +100.0W7SRA(10) Click here for the latest info...Add
Tillamook441.300 +100.0W7EM      Open Repeater For General Amat...Add
Eugene441.325 +100.0W7PRA(10) Peak Radio Association - cover...Add
Portland441.350 +100.0W7EXH(5) permanent linked to OregonConn...Add
Salem441.375 +123.0ab7f(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Tillamook441.500 +100.0W7EM      Open Repeater for General Amat...Add
McMinnville441.725 +127.3W7TRP      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
org target=newpage>441.800 +100.0W7YAM(8) Repeater generally analog FMAdd
Salem441.825 +K7HOG      owned by KK7CW call sig...Add
Deer Island441.925 +114.8N7EI(5) Owned by the Columbia Amateur ...Add
Scappoose441.95 +      More infoAdd
PORTLAND442.025 +      More infoAdd
EUGENE442.125 +100.0K7PFJ      This repeater will be kinked t...Add
NEWBERG442.15 +      More infoAdd
Baker CIty442.200 +127.3w7nyw      This repeater Is conncected di...Add
Portland442.225 +100.0K7RPT(10) Sylvan LLC TV Tower at 850 ft ...Add
Corvallis442.300 +162.2N8GFO(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Medford442.300 +KD7BCS      Rogue Valley Linking Associati...Add
Forest Grove442.325 +100.0K7RPT(10) South Saddle Mountain C...Add
Vale442.350 +103.5w7pag      this repeater is at the same s...Add
THE DALLES442.5 +      More infoAdd
Medford442.500 +ka7qfy      More infoAdd
salem442.500 +100.0KE7DLA(10) More infoAdd
442.500 +100KE7DLA-1(10) More infoAdd
Florence442.575 +100W7FLO      More infoAdd
Lincoln City442.600 +118.8W7GC      Linked to 442.750 Rockaway Bea...Add
Wilsonville442.675 +100.0AH6LE      IRLP Node 3000. Links to 146.9...Add
Grants Pass442.700 +N6DFV      Rogue Valley Linking Associati...Add
Rockaway Beach442.750 +118.8W7GC      Linked to 440.900 Mt. Hebo; 44...Add
north plains442.825 +110.9NA7A      More infoAdd
BEAVERTON442.925 +203.5WB7DZG      More infoAdd
Tillamook442.975 +100.0N7IS      More infoAdd
Corvallis443.050 +100.0W7OSU(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Ontario443.050 +114.8NB7C      IRLP 3417. Open access ...Add
Portland443.050 +123.0WA7BND/R(9) This repeater is located at th...Add
BEAVERTON443.15 +KJ7IY      More infoAdd
Central Point443.150 +136.5KL7VK(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Klamath Falls443.150 +131.8WA6JNM      Local repeater supports portab...Add
Ontario443.150 +100.0K7RHB      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
WHITE SALMON443.175 +      More infoAdd
Keno443.2 +100W7PRN      Patio Radio Network of Oregon ...Add
Sandy443.250 +107.2N7SEB      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Aloha443.35 +      More infoAdd
Klamath Falls443.450 +KA7BTV      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Salem443.450 +KC7CFS      Repeater site located at 660 f...Add
Portland443.475 -167.9WB7QIW      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Alsea443.5 +100.0W7EXH(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
MULINO443.55 +      More infoAdd
Portland443.575 +100.0KS0F      Linked to Sioux City Io...Add
klamath falls443.600 +131.8KK&KK(1) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Newberg443.675 +136.5N5GAK      This is an open repeaterAdd
Colton (Goat Mtn)443.700 +146.2N7PIR      Covering Portland Salem...Add
Salem443.725 +186.2W7SRA(5) Click here for the latest info...Add
BONANZA443.8 +      More infoAdd
Klamath Falls443.8 +W7OXS      This repeater is owned by Glen...Add
MEDFORD443.8 +      More infoAdd
Eugene443.800 +K7RPT      Blanton Heights at 1299 ft ele...Add
Klamath Falls443.9 +N7RBP      Please add that this repeater ...Add
444.000 +100.0KA7DZI-R      More infoAdd
Portland444.000 +100.0K0HSU      Located at 700 Elevation at Or...Add
Medford444.1 +100.0W9PCI      Open Repeater / autopatch. Loc...Add
Newberg444.125 +100K7RPT      Chehalem Ridge at 1220 ft elev...Add
Jacksonville444.200 +WB6KBB      Open Rptr w/coverage to Rouge ...Add
Medford444.200 +100.0W9PCI      This is an owner call sign cha...Add
Mt. Hood444.225 +100.0K7RPT(5) Timberline @ 7000 ft el...Add
Medford444.3 +100.0W9PCI      Open Autopatch / 911 / HF Remo...Add
Jacksonville444.300 +WB6KBB      11/16/13 report of non functio...Add
medford444.325 +100kb7ppd      new open machine not toned yet...Add
Portland444.325 +100.0K7RPT(8) Linked fulltime to the South S...Add
McMinnville444.4 +N7OCS      More infoAdd
Bend444.450 +162.2KC7DMF(8) Repeater is located on East si...Add
Canby444.450 +131.8K7CFD      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
WALDPORT444.475 +103.5KA7TRY      More infoAdd
Astoria444.500 +100.0N7BAG      Wide area coverage repeater lo...Add
Medford444.500 +100.0WA6RHK/BCS      Rogue Valley Linking Associati...Add
Myrtle Point444.525 +100.0K7CMY      More infoAdd
ALBANY444.55 +      More infoAdd
CLATSKANIE444.625 +      More infoAdd
Warren444.625 +107.2N7EI(10) Part of the N7EI repeater syst...Add
Weston444.650 +N7DWC      Solar/battery powered c...Add
HOOD RIVER444.7 +      More infoAdd
The Dalles444.700 +100.0KF7LN(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Tollgate444.725 +146.2N7JMM      Linked to 444.925 La GrandeClo...Add
Newport444.750 +118.8W7GC      Linked to 442.750 Rockaway Bea...Add
GRANTS PASS444.8 +      More infoAdd
Bay City444.825 +100.0N7GB      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Medford444.825 +100.0KD7BCS      REPEATER COVERS ALL ROGUE VALL...Add
Astoria444.925 +82.5nm7r/r(10) IRLP Node 3105. Please ID and ...Add
La Grande444.925 +146.2KF7GOR(8) Echolink 727358 Battery back u...Add
Seaside444.925 +82.5NM7R/R(10) IRLP Node 3105. Please ID and ...Add
Salem444.950 +100.0WA7ABU(10) Here to serve you. Open repeat...Add
Ukiah444.950 +136.5N7ERT      Carney Butte Repeater Site 490...Add
Albany444.975 +100.0KD6VLR(6) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Medford444.975 +100.0KD7BCS      update Rogue Valley Linking As...Add
Pendleton444.975 +136.5N7OII      Cabbage Hill Repeater Site 339...Add
Eagle Point445.450 +K7JBU      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
PORTLAND447.875 -      More infoAdd
Chiloquin/K-Falls448.550 -110.9KD7BCS      Rouge Valley Linking Associati...Add
BEAVERTON448.65 -      More infoAdd
Roseburg449 -N7JNJ      More infoAdd
FOREST GROVE449.225 -      More infoAdd
PORTLAND449.325 -      More infoAdd
UMATILLA449.325 -      More infoAdd
PORTLAND449.75 -      More infoAdd
Sutherlin462.550 +225.7kbj230(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Grants Pass462.625 +141.3WQQL573(8) GMRS Repeater in Commercial si...Add
Merlin462.725 +141.3WQQL573(5) Open to all licensed GMRS User...Add
Salem52.99 -1.7100.0WA7ABU(10) The most active 6 Meter repeat...Add
WALDPORT53.01 -      More infoAdd
Tillamook53.110 +W7EM      Open Machine - For General Ama...Add
PORTLAND53.29 -      More infoAdd
Salem910.000 odd[Video]K7ATV(10) FM ATV FOR BEST PICTURES; VSB ...Add
Portland927.125 -103.5KD6LVP      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Hood River927.1625 -151.4KF7LN(5) Operational linked via ...Add
Portland927.1875 -151.4K5TRA(9) More infoAdd

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,



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