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5/24/2015       Ohio       Page 15
774 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
TORONTO444.475 +      More infoAdd
Mogadore444.4875 +KC8MXW(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
NEWARK444.5 +      More infoAdd
WEST CARROLLTON444.5 +      More infoAdd
WILLOUGHBY HILLS444.5 +      Non-responsive from 5 miles a...Add
Waterford444.500 +n8zvd      More infoAdd
CLAIRIDON444.525 +      More infoAdd
LORAIN444.525 +131.8      More infoAdd
MARYSVILLE444.525 +      More infoAdd
COLUMBUS444.55 +      More infoAdd
WITHAMSVILLE444.55 +      More infoAdd
Chardon444.5625 +131.8N8WHG      More infoAdd
West Milton444.5625 +N8EIO      REPLACING THE FREQENCY..443.86...Add
COLUMBIANA444.575 +      More infoAdd
Findlay444.575 +100.0WB8PBR      Located in the north end of Fi...Add
LYNDHURST444.6 +131.8      More infoAdd
VANDALIA444.6 +      More infoAdd
Alliance444.600 +131.8N8HHV/R(5) ECHOLINK NODE 84446 N8HHV-R CO...Add
WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE444.6125 +77.0N8EMZ      More infoAdd
WEST CHESTER444.625 +      More infoAdd
Willow Wood444.625 +W8SOE(10) More infoAdd
HAMILTON444.65 +      More infoAdd
Toledo444.65 +103.5KB8YVY      53.650 146.835 a...Add
Painesville444.650 +131.8N8BC      Lake County Amateur Radio Asso...Add
Thurston444.650 +179.9 [179.9 Hz]KB8TRL(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
HILLSBORO444.675 +      More infoAdd
SALEM444.675 +      More infoAdd
BOWLING GREEN444.7 +      More infoAdd
CLEVELAND444.7 +      More infoAdd
MANSFIELD444.7 +146.2      More infoAdd
MIAMISBURG444.7 +      More infoAdd
LONDON444.725 +      More infoAdd
CINCINNATI444.75 +      More infoAdd
CLEVELAND444.75 +      More infoAdd
Mount Vernon444.750 +KC8YED-R      4/22/15 report of repeater no ...Add
GREENFIELD444.775 +      More infoAdd
Lima444.775 +WB8PJZ      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
West Carrollton444.7875 +67.0N8ZS      More infoAdd
WEST JEFFERSON444.8 +      More infoAdd
Elyria444.800 +131.8K8KRG      press 80 for open carrierAdd
Winesburg444.800 +131.8WB8JAY      OPEN REPEATER/USE *57 TO DEFEA...Add
Chardon444.8125 +131.8KF8YK      Open Repeater remote base to P...Add
Middletown444.825 +77.0W8BLV(7) UPDATE - Linked to 146.610 rep...Add
LISBON444.8250 +162.2 [none]NN8B(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Tiffin444.8250 +W8MTD      More infoAdd
WEST CARROLLTON444.85 +      More infoAdd
HANNIBAL444.875 +      More infoAdd
MILLERSBURG444.875 +      More infoAdd
TOLEDO444.875 +      More infoAdd
COLUMBUS444.9 +      More infoAdd

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5/24/2015       Ohio       Page 16
774 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Brunswick444.925 +131.8W8EOC      this is one of 3 repeters that...Add
LAFAYETTE444.925 +146.2      More infoAdd
Lima444.925 +W8EQ      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
PERRYSBURG444.925 +      More infoAdd
Eaton444.9375 +67.0w8vfr      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
NEWARK444.95 +      More infoAdd
TOLEDO444.95 +      More infoAdd
XENIA444.95 +      More infoAdd
Mason444.950 +131.8W8SAI(6) More infoAdd
Akron456.8000 -WQFW342(6) This is a Part 90 analog / dig...Add
Cincinnati462.575 +100.0WPSE819      Contact the owner for informat...Add
462.675 +110.9WPTU754      Contact the owner prior to use...Add
Cleveland462.725 +114.8WQUC581(3) GMRS Repeater. SKYWARN repeate...Add
MAYFIELD HEIGHTS51.62 -      More infoAdd
New Franklin51.640 -107.2NC8W(5) More infoAdd
Medina51.660 -.5107.2w8eoc      this repeter has a .500 off se...Add
NEWBURY52.68 +      More infoAdd
WESTERVILLE52.7 +      More infoAdd
Columbus52.70 oddW8RRJ/R(5) More infoAdd
SHAKER HEIGHTS53.01 -      More infoAdd
Salem53.030 -88.5KB8MFV      Linked 24/7 with KB8MFV/R on 1...Add
Carrollton53.070 -kb8sxe      Linked with the 442.200 partia...Add
East Liverpool53.090 -KB8JNM      Full time cross linked with 22...Add
Elyria53.130 -K8KRG      Link with 146.700 and 444.800 ...Add
FAIRFIELD53.17 -      More infoAdd
WADSWORTH53.17 -      More infoAdd
Marietta53.170 -141.3N8OJ      More infoAdd
Middletown53.21 -77.0W8JEU      Linked to 147.315S ponsored by...Add
Chillicothe53.23 -KA8WWI(10) Scioto Valley Amateur Radio Cl...Add
CINCINNATI53.25 -      More infoAdd
Polk53.270 -107.2KE8X(10) This is a Long Lines Wireless ...Add
Dayton53.29 -KB8CSL(4) The Dayton FM Group. Is not li...Add
MIDDLETOWN53.35 -      More infoAdd
South Charleston53.39 -77.0KB8GJG      Open carrier mode all a...Add
BOWLING GREEN53.61 -      More infoAdd
Lima53.63 -107.2KT8APR(5) Linked to 145.37. IRLP-4370. E...Add
PERRYSBURG53.65 -      More infoAdd
TOLEDO53.65 -103.5KB8YVY      LINKED SYSTEM TO 146.835Add
ELYRIA53.77 -131.8      More infoAdd
Ray53.81 -WB8LDB(10) More infoAdd
HINCKLEY53.83 -      More infoAdd
UNIONTOWN919.025 -      More infoAdd
Akron920.000 -131.8WA8DBW      Remote Base on 102.1.25...Add
COLUMBUS920.875 -      More infoAdd
PARMA921.5 -      More infoAdd
Akron927.5375 -WA8DBW      PL 131.8 Open Patch and remote...Add
Cleveland927.6125 -131.8KB8WLW      This is a KB8RST sponsored sys...Add

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,



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