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3/31/2015       New Jersey       Page 5
272 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Murray Hill147.255 +141.3W2LI      More infoAdd
South Plainfield445.275 -67.0w2lpc(5) 2 Motorola M1225LS mobile radi...Add
Newton147.300 +151.4W2LV(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
443.000 +103.5W2LV      More infoAdd
Lawrenceville147.105 +123.0W2MER(7) Mercer County ARES/RACES repea...Add
Pitman1284.400 -156.7W2MMD      1.2 GHZ repeater maintained by...Add
147.18 +131.8W2MMD(5) System Fusion with Automatic M...Add
442.100 +167.9W2MMD      Part of the W2MMD repeater sys...Add
Fort Lee145.450 -100.0W2MPX      More infoAdd
Asbury Park449.525 -141.3W2NJR      Linked system KK2ED Tru...Add
Fair Lawn145.470 -107.2W2NPT/R(7) LOCAL AREA COVERAGE CENTRAL BE...Add
Oakland146.700 -141.3W2PQG      Open access primary Sky...Add
Green Brook146.625 -241.8W2QW(5) Input PL changed to 241.8 Janu...Add
Lakewood146.955 -103.5W2RAP      Operated by the Eastern Amateu...Add
Newark145.350 -114.8W2rla(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
FRANKLINVILLE146.475 +162.2W2RM(10) Franklinville 146.4750+ W2RM o...Add
443.450 +162.2W2RM(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Wood-Ridge443.750 +141.3 [PL 141.3]W2RN(5) does analog and P-25 mixed mod...Add
Millville147.550 S123.0w2scr      Crossband Repeater to 449.625 ...Add
223.960 -123.0w2scr      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
449.625 -123.0w2scr      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
WASHINGTON146.82 -110.9W2SJT      Penn-Jersey ARC also used by ...Add
443.85 +110.9W2SJT      Owner: Penn-Jersey ARC and use...Add
Bedminster443.900 +151.4W2UHF(6) Morris-Essex Amateur Radio Clu...Add
Verona448.875 -151.4W2UHF(8) Morris-Essex Amateur Radio Clu...Add
Hardyston51.72 -141.3W2VER(1) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Vernon5665.000 oddw2ver(3) FM ATV repeater. Vertical omni...Add
918.075 o141.3W2VER      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Little Falls443.050 +141.3W2XTV(5) P25 available with a NAC of 29...Add
Milmay146.805 -123.0W2YYY      More infoAdd
West Trenton146.67 -131.8W2ZQ      W2ZQ is the club repeater of t...Add
Egg Harbor146.640 -131.8W3BXW      member of the BEARS networkAdd
Lakehurst447.225 -131.8W3BXW      Part of the wide area BEARS ne...Add
Vineland447.425 -131.8W3BXW      Part of the BEARS networkAdd
Manahawkin448.075 -131.8W3BXW      Part of the BEARS networkAdd
Egg Harbor53.91 -131.8W3BXW      member of the BEARS NetworkAdd
Camden146.820 -131.8W3PHL(5) The Delaware Valley Ragchew Cl...Add
Burlington447.675 -103.5WA2EHL      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Lake Hopatcong224.620 -107.2WA2EPI(10) More infoAdd
LAKEHURST224.32 -131.8WA2GKF      More infoAdd
West Orange146.415 +1M85.4WA2JSB      More infoAdd
447.875 -156.7WA2JSB      More infoAdd
Brick146.880 -94.8WA2JWR(5) moved to brick njdelete...Add
Beach Haven448.575 -141.3WA2NEW      Open repeater Machine is spons...Add
Toms River444.000 +141.3WA2OTP      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Manchester Township145.170 -131.8WA2RES      The Manchester Area FM Group r...Add

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3/31/2015       New Jersey       Page 6
272 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Randolph441.500 +141.3WA2SLH      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
ROCKAWAY53.010 -136.5WA2SLR      LINKED WITH KB2ENF 446.625 OUT...Add
Ringwood146.490 +107.2WA2SNA(5) Ramapo Mountain Amateur Radio ...Add
446.175 -107.2WA2SNA      Tone squelch. Local coverage c...Add
Elmwood Park442000 +156.7WA2SQQ(10) 000-in-Elmwood-Park,-New-Jersey>IRLP EchoLink Sponsored...Add
SOUTH BRUNSWICK443.4 +141.3WA2WSK/NJ2SB      Operated by South Brunswick Ra...Add
Kendel Park443.4 +141.3WA2WSK/R      The is the same repeater as th...Add
Roselle Park146.685 -WA2ZDN      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Waterford Works147.345 +127.3WA3BXW      Trustee change from K5YKG (ex ...Add
ASBURY PARK147.045 +67WB2ABT      The PL can be defeated or remo...Add
Chatham449.175 -141.3WB2CMK(5) More infoAdd
Butler1282.05 -141.3WB2FTX(5) Part of Butler RACES/OEM Repea...Add
147.135 +141.3WB2FTX(5) Part of Butler RACES/OEM VHF/U...Add
224.700 -141.3WB2FTX(5) Part of Butler NJ RACES system...Add
444.925 +151.4WB2FTX(5) Linked to Morris County Office...Add
South Amboy440.250 +67.0WB2FYF(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
EAST BRUNSWICK443.15 +141.3WB2HEK      More infoAdd
PARSIPPANY440.1 +141.3WB2JTE(5) OEM RACES Repeater for Parsipp...Add
Toms River449.000 +141.3WB2LLS      More infoAdd
Mt. Kipp147.015 +151.4WB2NQV      Eastern Terminal of the Comple...Add
Cherryville147.375 +WB2NQV      Main repeater of the Cherryvil...Add
South River443.550 +141.3WB2SNN      IRLP node 4287. Affiliated wit...Add
Willingboro146.925 -131.8WB2YGO      Willingboro Area Repeater Grou...Add
223.880 +WB2YGO      Willingboro Area Repeater Grou...Add
442.050 +118.8WB2YGO      Willingboro Area Repeater Grou...Add
Cape May County145.110 -131.8WB2ZTY(10) Serving Cape May County. 3 Ele...Add
Camden444.300 +131.8WB3EHB      At the foot of the Ben Frankli...Add
Pennsville442.500 +114.8WB3IKP      Full time link to 146.625 - 13...Add
MT. KIPP441.4 +WJ2DX      Callsign changed on Dec 4Add
Vineland462.700 +5127.3WPSI726      Repeater open for pass through...Add
Oakland462.700 +100.0WPUG676(5) This is a GMRS repeater (licen...Add
Pitman462.600 +WPVT-541(5) This is a GMRS repeater...Add
GreenBrook462.625 +127.3WQBC441(5) More infoAdd
Green Brook462.625 +127.3WQEJ577(9) GMRS licensees only! A Ham lic...Add
Englewood Cliffs462.725 +218.1WQPY548(10) OPEN GMRS REPEATER - No Permis...Add
Stratford462.700 +94.8WQRL268(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Hopatcong223.860 -136.5WR2M(5) More infoAdd
Budd Lake448.675 -94.8WR2M(5) More infoAdd
HOPATCONG53.39 -WR2M      More infoAdd
Budd Lake53.67 -WR2M(5) More infoAdd
Mt.Freedom146.895 -151.4WS2Q      Call sign is now WS2Qot...Add
Hopatcong53.670 -136.5WS2V(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Ocean Township443.000 +127.3WW2ARC(8) IRLP Node 4606. SAME WX Alert ...Add
Martinsville224.880 -103.5WX3K(10) More infoAdd
Howell Township162.45 WXM60      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,



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