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10/23/2017       Hawaii       Page 3
149 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Kapaa Kauai442.15 -KH6KWS      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Kau Hawaii145.29 -WH6FC      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
146.92 -KH6EJ      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
444.75 -AH6JA      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Kauai162.4 WWG74      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
Keaau146.640 -WH6BU      Repeater location: Paradise P...Add
Kealakekua146.66 -100WH6FC(5) Temporary replacement for vand...Add
Kealakekua Hawaii144.51 -KH6ANA      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
147.34 -K6HI      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Kohala Hawaii444.6 -KH6EJ      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Kona147.16 +100.0WH6DEW(5) Repeater OFF AIR since 5 May 2...Add
Kualapuu Molokai145.37 -W6KAG      -Molokai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Kukuilono Kauai146.86 -KH6ENC      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Kulani Cone162.55 WWG76      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
Kulani Cone Hawaii146.76 -KH6EJ      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Kulani Kauai146.66 -WH6Z      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Lahaina Maui146.64 -NH6VR      -Maui,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Leeward Oahu145.13 -NH6QJ      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
145.43 -KH7TK      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
145.45 -KH6EJZ      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
147.08 -KH6EJZ      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
147.32 -NH6AQ      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
444.98 -WH6CZP      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Lihue Kauai146.920 -KH6E      -Kauai,-Hawaii>Kauai Amateur Radio Club repea...Add
147.16 -KH6E      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
224.7 -KH6JJC      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
444.9 -NH6HF      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Manawahua Oahu443.83 -KH6FV      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Maui162.4 WWG75      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
Mauna Kea Hawaii146.72 -AH6J      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Mauna Loa146.82 -100.0KH6EJ(10) Motorola Quantar / Conventiona...Add
Mauna Loa Hawaii147.04 -AH6JA      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Maunakapu Oahu146.62 -WR6AVM      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
146.8 -WH6CZB      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
146.84 -KH6JUU      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
147.12 -KH6JPL      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
442.4 -KH7O      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
442.48 -WR6AVM      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
444.1 -WH6CZB      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
449.15 -WH6CZB      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
mililani145.4100 -103.5 [none]WH6PD/R(5) Repeater listed as KIPAPA in H...Add
Mokuleia Oahu444.93 -KH6FV      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Naalehu145.410 -KH7MS(3) More infoAdd
145.4900 -100KH6TA(10) Open repeater not wide-...Add
444.200 +100KH6TA(10) Open repeater may be li...Add
North Shore Oahu145.29 -KH6BYU      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
North Shore Oahu146.64 -WH6CZB      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
146.76 -KH6FV      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
146.9 -KH6LJ      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
147.36 -NH6XO      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd

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10/23/2017       Hawaii       Page 4
149 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
North Shore Oahu444.78 -NH6XO      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Oahu162.55 KBA99      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
Ocean View443.400 +77.0KH7MS(5) I just installed a GR1225 Moto...Add
444.150 +KH6EJ(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Ohana Oahu145.23 -WH6CXI      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
146.6 -KH6CY      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
147.38 -WH6MK      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
224.02 -KH6LJ      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Pepeekeo Hawaii146.88 -KH6EJ      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Round Top Oahu444.85 -KH6FV      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Waianae Oahu146.74 -NH6PE      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Wailuku146.76 -88.5AH6IF      Local RACES repeater.Emergency...Add
Wailuku Maui444.95 -AH6IF      -Maui,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Waimanalo Oahu146.7 -AH6PQ      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
442.5 -KH7Q      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
444.65 -KH6FV      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Waimea Hawaii147.32 -NH7HI      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
147.38 -KH7T      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
444.15 -AH6JA      -Hawaii,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Weiku Kauai449.18 -KH6E      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
449.25 -KH6E      -Kauai,-Hawaii>More infoAdd
Windward Oahu147.14 -KH6BS      -Oahu,-Hawaii>More infoAdd

Page: 1, 2, 3,



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