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Radio/Tech Modifications
Edition 14 B    

Radio/Tech 14B contains all the known modifications for Alinco, Yaesu, Standard, ADI (Premier), AZDEN, K D K , TEN TEC, RANGER, UNIDEN, RADIO SHACK, RCI, HEATHKIT Amateur radios.

The Radio/Tech Modification books are indispensable tools for radio repair technicians and amateur radio hobbyists who are serious about enhancing radio transceivers and scanners.

Modifications are presented that increase the radio's frequency transmit and reception coverage. Many of the modifications will allow a radio or scanner to monitor cellular phone calls.

Click on the Manufacture below to see a description of the radio and modifications provided.

'B' Edition
ADI (Premier)

The two volume set contains modification information for all popular handy-talkies, mobile, and base stations. Modifications for a wide variety of scanners and CB radios are also there in concise, easy to follow, instructions. Additionally, alignment controls for many of the radios are presented in graphic line drawings.

The Radio/Tech Modification Books are updated yearly to include the latest and greatest radios. The timely and accurate information they contain makes it easy for most people to expand their frequency coverage. Each book covers specific brands of radios so you can choose the book you need, or get both so that your library contains powerful information that you, your customers, and your friends can use as needed.

The Radio/Tech Modification Book Edition ##A contains information for ICOM, Kenwood, and a wide variety of scanners.

The Radio Tech Mod Book Edition ## B contains Alinco, Standard, Yeasu, CB, and other radio modification information.

Radio/Tech Modifications sell for $19.95 each.

ALD-24T C-108A AR-146 FT-10 Cobra
ALR-22 C-156 AT-18 FT-11 Realistic
DJ-100 C-158 AT-200 FT-23 Alaron
DJ-120 C-168A AT-201 FT-26 Audiovox
DJ-160 C-168S AT-400 FT-33 Browning
DJ-162 C-178 AT-600 FT-40 Clarion
DJ-180 C-188 FT-41 Colt
DJ-190 C-228 AZDEN FT-50 Convoy
DJ-191 C-288 AZ-21 FT-51 Courier
DJ-460 C-468A AZ-61 FT-73 Craig
DJ-500 C-468S PSC-6000 FT-76 Dak
DJ-560 C-488 PSC-7000 FT-209 Fannon
DJ-580 C-508 PSC-7500 FT-211 Fuzzbuster
DJ-582 C-510 FT-212 G E
DJ-C1 C-528 KDK FT-227 Gemtronics
DJ-C4 C-558 KDK-240 FT-290 Hy-gain
DJ-F1T C-568 KDK-2033 FT-311 JC Penny
DJ-G1T C-628 FT-411 Johnson
DJ-G5T C-1208 MIDLAND FT-415 Kraco
DJ-S11T C-5608 73-030 FT-416 Layfayette
DJ-S41T C-5718 FT-470 Midland
DR-110T C-5900 RADIO SHACK FT-530 Mopar
DR-112T PACKET HTX-100 FT-650 Pace
DR-119T FT-709 Palomar
DR-130 RANGER Panasonic
DR-140 AR-3300 FT-712 Pearce Sim
DR-150 AR-3500 FT-727 President
DR-430 FT-736 Raider
DR-510 RCI FT-747 Ranger
DR-570 RCI-2950 FT-757 R C A
DR-590 RCI-2970 FT-767 R C I
DR-592 FT-811 Regency
DR-599 SENDER FT-815 Robyn
DR-600 TR-450 FT-816 Royce
DR-605 FT-840 Sanyo
DR-610 TEN TEC FT-847 S B E
DR-1200 PARAGON FT-890 Sears
DR-M06 FT-900 Siltronics
DX-70 UNIDEN FT-990 Sharp
DX-77 HR-2500 FT-1000 Superstar
EDX-2 HR-2520 FT-2070 Teaberry
PACKET HR-2600 FT-2200 Tenna Phase
FT-2311 Tram
HEATH FT-2400 Truetone
H-2 Mini HT FT-2500 Uniden
H4-HT FT-3000 VTAC
HW-24 FT-4700 Vector
HW24HT FT-5100 Wards
SB-1400 FT-5200 Whistler
FT-6200 Xtal
AL-80/A/B FT-8000
AL-82 FT-8100
AL-572 FT-8500
AL-800/H FT-VX1
AL-811/H FL-7000
AL-1200 NC-29
AL-1500 NC-42
Reset Codes
TNC Hookups

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