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The Repeater database is updated daily thanks to the support of Amateur radio operators around the country.
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CityOutputPLCall SignDistanceKeyAutoPatchComments
Seymour443.375 +156.7Kf4dye0ANoClick here for More InfoAdd
443.8 +0AClick here for More InfoAdd
Sevierville443.225 +100KJ4HPM1BNOIs used for general ...Add
Knoxville146.940 -118.8WB4GBI4CnoOpen wide area cove...Add
146.850 -118.8WB4GBI4DWide area coverage S...Add
440.575 +CC1WB4GBI4DnoDMR Mototrbo repeate...Add
462.675 +141.3WQJA6374DnoGMRS repeater open t...Add
444.000 +100.0KD4CWB4ENoWide area repeater u...Add
224.860 -100.0KD4CWB4ENONEW repeater under c...Add
53.99 -KD4CWB4ENONEW repeater under c...Add
921.500 -100.0KD4CWB4ENONEW repeater under c...Add
927.0625 -151.4WB4GBI4EnoCo-located with WB4G...Add
147.000 -100.0KD4CWB4ENOLow power local repe...Add
443.500 +CC1KD4CWB4ENoDMR: 314710 [CC1] Wi...Add
443.800 +100.0KD4CWB4ENOWide area repeater u...Add
145.430 -118.8WB4GBI5FnoMedium area coverage...Add
Walland53.770 -100.0W4BBB7GNoLinked to 147.300Add
444.575 +100.0W4BBB7HNo.RACK Linked Repeater...Add
145.330 -100.0AC4JF7IYesAutopatch All...Add
SEVIERVILLE443.675 +9JClick here for More InfoAdd
444 +9JClick here for More InfoAdd
444.525 +9JClick here for More InfoAdd
224.7 -9JClick here for More InfoAdd
224.8 -9JClick here for More InfoAdd
224.44 -9JClick here for More InfoAdd
443.300 +5100.0WA4KJH9JClick here for More InfoAdd
443.5 +9JClick here for More InfoAdd

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