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9/25/2018       maryland       Page 4
220 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Rockville442.750 +156.7KV3B(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Midland442.7500 +167.9AB3FE(5) Open repeater. Repeater suppor...Add
Frederick442.8 +79.7N3ITA/R(10) APCO-P25(NAC 797) Repeater lin...Add
Baltimore442.850 +88.5WB3FFV      More infoAdd
College Park442.900 +167.9K3WS(5) This repeater is linked full t...Add
TRAPPE442.95 +      More infoAdd
Charlestown442.950 +107.2N3RCN      Closed Autopatch Emerge...Add
COLORA443 +      More infoAdd
Lexington Park443.05 +WA3UMY(8) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Cumberland443.050 +123.0WX3M      More infoAdd
ASHTON443.15 +      More infoAdd
BALTIMORE443.2 +      More infoAdd
Leonardtown443.3 +123.0KC3FOQ(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
BALTIMORE443.35 +      More infoAdd
GERMANTOWN443.4 +107.2N3EAE      More infoAdd
Ocean City443.450 +151.4N3HF/R(8) IRLP Node 4291 EchoIRLP...Add
Silver Spring443.450 +156.7N3HF/RPT(8) IRLP Node #4712, EchoIRLP Node...Add
BALTIMORE443.55 +      More infoAdd
CROOM443.6 +      More infoAdd
Brandywine443.600 +103.5WA3YUV      Yaesu System Fusion Repeater <...Add
BURTONSVILLE443.650 SWA3UTY(5) More infoAdd
White Plains443.700 +Noka3grw/r      More infoAdd
STEVENSVILLE443.85 +      More infoAdd
Marion443.850 +5131.8W3BXW      Part of the BEARS networkAdd
ROCKVILLE443.9 +      More infoAdd
JESSUP444 +      More infoAdd
Cumberland444.000 +123.0KK3L(5) This repeater callsign is list...Add
Ocean City444.0125 +DMR Color Code 1N3HF(8) Talkgroup/Timeslot information...Add
SALISBURY444.05 +      More infoAdd
Frederick444.1000 +167.9N3ST(10) Linked to 449.675 BaltimoreAdd
SALISBURY444.2 +      More infoAdd
Germantown444.200 +KV3B(9) D-STAR with automated reflecto...Add
TOLCHESTER BEACH444.25 +136.5      More infoAdd
Mchenry444.275 +186.2KB3AVZ(5) Covers the tourist areas at th...Add
Oakland444.275 +110.9kb3avz(5) Covers the downtown Oakland ar...Add
Frederick444.35 +100N3JDR(5) linked to N8RAT 442.85 Martins...Add
DAVIDSONVILLE444.4 +      More infoAdd
ACCOKEEK444.5 +      More infoAdd
Midland444.500 +118.8W3YMW(9) Mountain Amateur Radio Club hu...Add
BOWIE444.7 +127.3WA3PGC      More infoAdd
Laurel444.700 +167.9WA3GPC(10) Linked to 449.675 BaltimoreAdd
Frederick444.8 +KB3YBH(5) This is now a D-STAR Repeater ...Add
Hanover444.95 +123.0NT3Z      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Waldorf447.075 -167.9N3ARN(10) Linked to 449.675 BaltimoreAdd
Hagerstown447.125 -123N3JDR(5) Linked to N8RAT 442.85 Martins...Add
Elkton447.325 -131.8W3BXW      Part of wide area BEARS system...Add
Baltimore447.375 -100.0K3BAL      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Manchester447.675 -107.2N3KZS      More infoAdd
Elkton447.725 -94.8N3XJT(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Baltimore447.875 -136.5K3BAL      Emergency powerCoverage...Add

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9/25/2018       maryland       Page 5
220 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
BETHESDA447.925 -WA3PFT      More infoAdd
Hagerstown447.975 -100W3CWC(10) C4FM Yaesu Fusion repeater.Thi...Add
Thurmont448.025 -103.5K3KMA(10) This repeater is linked with t...Add
BALTIMORE448.075 -      More infoAdd
FREDERICK448.125 -123.0K3MAD      More infoAdd
Columbia448.275 -156.7K3CUJ      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
FREDERICK448.425 -100.0K3ERM      More infoAdd
JARRETTSVILLE448.475 -      More infoAdd
Washington448.575 -77.0K3VOA(3) Voice of America ARC; coverage...Add
WASHINGTON DC448.575 -      More infoAdd
448.875 -      More infoAdd
Suitland448.925 -167.9N3ST(10) Linked to 449.675 BaltimoreAdd
BALTIMORE448.975 -      More infoAdd
SILVER SPRING449.025 -156.7      More infoAdd
BALTIMORE449.075 -      More infoAdd
MILLERSVILLE449.125 -      More infoAdd
CHESTERTOWN449.175 -      More infoAdd
WHITEFORD449.225 -      More infoAdd
BALTIMORE449.325 -      More infoAdd
SHAWSVILLE449.375 -      More infoAdd
TOWSON449.425 -      More infoAdd
Baltimore449.475 -156.7K3CUJ      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
COLUMBIA449.475 -      More infoAdd
ELLICOTT CITY449.525 -      More infoAdd
BALTIMORE449.575 -123.0W3PGA(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
449.625 -156.7K3GIJ(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
449.675 -167.9N3ST(10) Linked to 444.100 FrederickAdd
Bel Air449.775 -162.2WB0EGR      More infoAdd
Port Deposit449.825 -167.9WA3SFJ/R      This repeater was moved from H...Add
WESTMINSTER449.875 -      More infoAdd
WASHINGTON DC449.975 -107.2      More infoAdd
LEXINGTON PARK53.03 -      More infoAdd
COLORA53.05 -      More infoAdd
SALISBURY53.07 -156.7      More infoAdd
WESTMINSTER53.09 -      More infoAdd
Germantown53.21 -K3JAY      Elevation 700ft. Output 140w. ...Add
Ashton53.25 -      More infoAdd
Gaithersberg53.2700 -KV3B(7) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Cumberland53.410 -123.0N8YIB      6 meter repeater linked to the...Add
Baltimore53.470 -107.2N3KTX      G.E. MAST-2 100WATT REPEATER W...Add
Frederick53.750 -N3IGM/R      More infoAdd
Port Deposit53.83 -94.8WA3SFJ/R      Was N3OUT/R but N3OUT is SK as...Add
Dayton927.5375 -156.7W3YVV(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd

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