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11/18/2018       Utah       Page 5
228 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
MOAB449.1 -      More infoAdd
Salt Lake City449.100 -WA7X/RPT      Utah Amateur Radio Club Sponso...Add
Sandy449.150 -100.0K7JL(10) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
SALT LAKE CITY449.175 -      More infoAdd
PROVO449.2 -      More infoAdd
SALT LAKE CITY449.225 -      More infoAdd
Fishlake449.250 -131.8WB7REL      More infoAdd
DELLE449.275 -167.9      More infoAdd
SALT LAKE CITY449.3 -      More infoAdd
Holden449.300 -88.5WB7REL      More infoAdd
North Logan449.325 -156.7N7RRZ      More infoAdd
PLEASANT GROVE449.325 -      More infoAdd
UTAH HILL449.325 -      More infoAdd
SALT LAKE CITY449.35 -      More infoAdd
TOOELE449.35 -      More infoAdd
PLEASANT GROVE449.375 -      More infoAdd
Sandy449.400 -100.0K7JL(5) New Hams local repeater for ra...Add
Salt Lake City449.425 -100.0WA7GIE(10) IRLP Node 5620 always l...Add
SANDY449.5 -      More infoAdd
Salt Lake City449.500 -100.0K7JL(10) Wide Area Repeater System on F...Add
PARK CITY449.525 -146.2      More infoAdd
LOGAN449.575 -      More infoAdd
Riverside449.575 -123.0WA7KMF(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
HANKSVILLE449.6 -      More infoAdd
LOGAN449.625 -N7PEG      More infoAdd
ENSIGN PEAK449.65 -167.9      More infoAdd
PROVO449.675 -      Utah County Sheriffs Communica...Add
SAINT GEORGE449.7 -      More infoAdd
SALT LAKE CITY449.7 -      More infoAdd
BLACK HILL449.725 -      More infoAdd
Lehi449.75 -173.8WA7PXD      No autopatch but repeat...Add
Salt Lake City449.75 -wa7slg      More infoAdd
OGDEN449.775 -      More infoAdd
RIVERSIDE449.8 -167.9      More infoAdd
WELLSVILLE449.8 -      More infoAdd
EPHRIAM449.825 -      More infoAdd
SALT LAKE CITY449.825 -179.9      More infoAdd
Kanab449.85 -123WI7M      Voice ID also informs user of ...Add
LOGAN449.85 -141.3N7XLH      Open autopatch Remote b...Add
PROVO449.85 -      More infoAdd
LAYTON449.875 -      More infoAdd
CEDAR CITY449.9 -      More infoAdd
SALT LAKE CITY449.9 -      More infoAdd
BOUNTIFUL449.925 -      More infoAdd
WEBB HILL449.95 -      More infoAdd
Clearfield449.950 -123.0NJ7J      More infoAdd
BLACK HILL449.975 -      More infoAdd
TOWER MOUNTAIN449.975 -      More infoAdd
Mexican Hat462.700 +127.3WPWH406      Short Contact Please. Solar Po...Add
LAYTON52.525 -      More infoAdd

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11/18/2018       Utah       Page 6
228 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
PRICE52.525 -      More infoAdd

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,



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