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Used or Never Opened Items

Comet CM-300 Mini RF Meter 220-230MHz
Comet CM-300 IN-LINE SWR and Power Meter 220-230 MHz 15W-60W Input. So-239 connectors. ONLY ONE Left. New in Original Package, Never Used Owner: N6MQS, California SHIPPING INCLUDED (US 48 States) $40.00

TVC12G ATV Down Converter
P.C. Electronics 1,200 MHz down Converter. Used but Working. Need 12 Volt Power. Converts to RF Signal channel 3 or 4. ONLY ONE Left. Shipping Included. $45.00

TS-32P Com Spec TS-32p ctcss encoder decoder
Comm Spec TS-32p ctcss encoder decoder Original packaging -BRAND NEW, Never used. Contains data sheet and cables. Easy to install and use. Can be used as a SPEAKER MUTE or CAN BE USED AS A SIMPLE REPEATER CONTROLLER!!! See design Click Here For Data Sheet Three LEFT! Encode/Decode boards and manuals, in the original NEW Packaging.
-- Dip Switch programmable CTCSS encoder-decoder for use in FM transceivers.
-- Select from 32 CTCSS tones.
-- Hookup is made with color coded wires Included
Click here for pdf instruction sheet

TF-2 PL Tone reader PL tone reader - Display
Reads and displays the PL tone on any audio input. Runs on 12 volts. Audio is feed thru for listening. Just connect to your receiver audio. 2lbs to ship SHIPPING IS INCLUDED$60.00

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