North American Shortwave Directory

Shortwave frequency guide with WORLD MAPS
by James Pickard, KG7BG

Tuning in the world on short-wave is easy with these comprehensive and organized lists of broadcast stations. These stations, from most countries of the world, are shown with maps and in tables listed by time and frequency.

There is no easier way to enjoy the endless diversity of the world than by listening to shortwave broadcasts. The variety of music and entertainment is enormous when you have over 100 countries from which to choose. The differing views of news and opinions opens ones mind to the vast needs and priorities to be found on our ever smaller world.

Eight pages of world maps are included that show each countries popular frequencies. The larger type frequency lists makes reference easier for the young and old alike.

James Pickard is a retired M.I. Captain in the United States Air Force. His amateur radio call sign is KG7BG

North American Shortwave Directory sells for $19.95

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