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Kamko has a selection of seven styles of QSL cards for the active amateur radio operator.

QSL cards are available in quantities of 100 cards per style. Each 100 cards are printed with black ink on five standard colors of card stock. This will give you 20 cards in each color.

Business card size QSL cards are also available. These are great to hand out when you have a face to face contact. The popular name for these cards is "EYEBALL QSL CARDS". They are printed using the same artwork and paper card stock as the standard QSL Cards.

The first 100 cards are $9.95. Each additional 100 cards (of the same style) are $7.95 100 Business card size cards are $ 7.95. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks. The cards will be shipped via 2 day priority US mail (which takes approximatelly 4-5 days). The shipping charge is $4.00

--- STYLE - Eagle on the moon ---

--- STYLE - Globe &Shuttle ---

--- STYLE - World Map ---

--- STYLE - Astronaut ---

--- STYLE - State Blow up ---
Available for states:AZ, CA, CT, FL, HI (Oahu), IN, MA, MI, NE, NC, ND, NY, NV, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX, VA

--- STYLE - U.S. Patchwork ---

--- STYLE - U.S. Ham Zones ---

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