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Mailing Address
Post Office Box 1428
Burbank, CA 91507

Telephone Numbers
Main office(818) 843-4080

How do I enter a repeater into the database?
Click here to enter a new repeater The new information WILL NOT APPEAR in the database until our staff reviews the data and approves it.

How do I change information about a repeater?
If you were the original person who entered the data, then you will be allowed to edit the data. We use the original email address you gave us along with a secret password. The password is sent to you IF you enter in the correct email address that is in our database.

If you did not enter in the original data, or your email address has changed then, Enter in all the data as a new repeater. Make sure you copy all correct data and make your changes. Our staff will review the new information and include it in the database. Click here to enter the repeater information

Why is the Old information still in the database along with my new information?
We remove the duplicates 4 times a year. This gives everyone who may be interested, all the information (old and new)

Will we enter in new information for you?
NO. It is easy to enter the information, you know about the repeater,you should do the data entry

How do I delete information about a repeater?
Interested HAMS will want to know about deletions. Enter in the City, state and Frequency as a NEW repeater and in the comments section, Tell us why we should delete it. When our staff reviews your comments, the data may be deleted. (We review duplicates 4 times a month)

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