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CD-ROM with U.S. Repeater Mapbook

Combining our U.S. Repeater Mapbook with PERCON's CD-ROM. we have created a very special product for the amateur radio Operator.

The CD-ROM contains the Amateur Radio Callsign database along with a database of all open repeaters in the United States.

The CD-ROM is compatable with all three major computer formats:


The CD Mapbook sells for $29.95

For detailed information about the U.S. Repeater Mapbook

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Ham Radio Resource Guide
Authored and illustrated by Bruce Nolte, N6TFS,

Without a doubt the best single information source for amateur radio operators in Southern California. Topics include :

Open repeater guide with unique maps
Autopatch Repeater clubs
Swap Meet & Ham store locations
License exam & class locations
Clubs, & lots of hard-to-find info!
Authored and illustrated by Bruce Nolte, N6TFS,

Ham Radio Resource Guide sells for $9.95

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Federal Assignments 5th Edition

New for 1996!! This new edition contains all the new frequency assignments for all the government agencies. NEW SIZE!! The new 6" x 9" handbook size makes this new edition easier to take with you on the go. Big brother doesn't stand a chance when the people can tap into the government's secret radio frequencies. Find out what the FBI, CIA or Secret Service is up to. Think the military is up to something, tune in and listen to what's going on.

This book is a communications cornucopia of frequencies for the Federal agencies and the military. It's organized by both frequency and agency for easy use..

All available government "SECRET" frequencies are listed for the serious listener. Secret service, CIA and FBI are just a few of the US government agencies that are listed in the book. 302 pages of detailed frequency information are provided along with frequency standards and other communication specific appendices for nationwide use..

Listen to:
Departments of Agriculture, Air Force, Army, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, Navy, State, Treasury, and Transportation.

Federal Assignments sells for $24.95

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