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Product Detail     Q-View International - Q-VIEW International QSL Card Holders for International cards$19.95
QSL CARD HOLDERS's Q-VIEW International QSL Card Holders for International cards


6 Inch Wide by 4 Inch Tall.

Also works for 4x6 Photographs.

Also See our Standard 3.5 x 5.5 card holders

Display your QSL cards for all to see. Our Q-VIEW QSL holders will display 40 QSL cards. Each package contains 2 wall display holder. Each wall display will hold 20 QSL cards.

Each plastic Holder will (FAN FOLD) to help you organize your QSL Collection. Place the Card Holders in a File box (or old shoe box) and the TOP section will act as an INDEX TAB.

Just grab the TOP and pull out to examine or show off your collection.


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Price: $19.95

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