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Local Repeaters within 10 miles of:
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The Repeater database is updated daily thanks to the support of Amateur radio operators around the country.
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CityOutputPLCall SignDistanceKeyAutoPatchComments
CORONADO147.180 +110.9W6GMQ2AAClick here for More InfoAdd
La Mesa145.240 +123.0WA6HYQ4AClick here for More InfoAdd
San Diego1277.25 +W6ATN4AOpen ATV repeater. F...Add
145.120 -107.2W6HDC4AMT SAN MIGUEL Update...Add
145.180 -107.2W6HDC4A- MT WOODSON Updated...Add
145.200 -103.5SCAN4AYesClick here for More InfoAdd
145.260 -107.2KK6KD4A- CHULA VISTA Update...Add
145.280 -107.2K6GAO4A- HI-PASS Updated 10...Add
145.320 -107.2WD6APP4A- MISSION HILLS Upda...Add
145.480 -127.3W6JVA4A- PARADISE HILLS Upd...Add
146.160 +107.2W6SS4AClick here for More InfoAdd
146.265 +W6SS4A- LYONS PEAK Updated...Add
146.610 -167.9N6ZHN4AA- PARADISE HILLS Upd...Add
146.640 -107.2WB6WLV4A- MOUNT OTAY Updated...Add
146.910 -103.5KN6KM4A- MOUNT OTAY Updated...Add
146.925 -107.2N6RSH4A- MOUNT OTAY Updated...Add
147.13 +W6NWG4A107.2Located at 5700 feet...Add
147.150 +107.2WB6WLV4A- MOUNT LAGUNA Updat...Add
147.210 +107.2KN6KM4AA- MOUNT OTAY Updated...Add
147.855 -107.2WA6ZMZ4AAClick here for More InfoAdd
147.885 -107.2WA6AIL4AAClick here for More InfoAdd
147.945 -107.2N6WYF4AAClick here for More InfoAdd
162.4 KEC624ANOAA Weather - Suppl...Add
223.96 -107.2WD6APP4AClick here for More InfoAdd
224.74 -107.2W6GIC4AClick here for More InfoAdd
224.90 -107.2WD6HFR4AnoConvair/220 Amateur ...Add
224.92 -107.2KD6GNB4AClick here for More InfoAdd
445.200 -123.0W2NOR4AClick here for More InfoAdd
449.220 -91.5WB6CYT4AClick here for More InfoAdd
449.8400 +N6OEI4ANOClosed linked repeat...Add
927.250 -114.8N6OEI4AnoSan Diego 900mhz pro...Add
927.5000 -123.0KF6HPG4ANoCurrently Covers El ...Add
927.5125 -123.0KF6HPG4ANosponsered by cora ra...Add
National City224.72 -107.2KC6EWG6BClick here for More InfoAdd

Local Repeaters within 10 miles of:
Page 2
CityOutputPLCall SignDistanceKeyAutoPatchComments
CHULA VISTA147.060 +127.3KF6QNJ9CClick here for More InfoAdd

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