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6/18/2018       south carolina       Page 4
200 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Florence162.55 WXJ22      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
Greenville162.55 WXJ21      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
WEST COLUMBIA224.12 -      More infoAdd
Sumter224.120 -W4GL      Owned and operated by the Sumt...Add
PICKENS224.14 -      More infoAdd
CHARLESTON224.18 -      More infoAdd
PICKENS224.32 -      More infoAdd
Rocky Bottom224.320 -131.8N4AW(5) Open WARNS repeater network ...Add
Spartanburg224.44 -K4II(5) Spartanburg Amateur Radio Club...Add
WEST SPRINGS224.44 -      More infoAdd
LITTLE MOUNTAIN224.52 -      More infoAdd
LEXINGTON224.56 -      More infoAdd
COLUMBIA224.64 -      More infoAdd
SUMTER224.66 -      More infoAdd
ORANGEBURG224.78 -      More infoAdd
SUMTER224.86 -      More infoAdd
COLUMBIA224.9 -      More infoAdd
PICKENS224.92 -      More infoAdd
AIKEN224.96 -      More infoAdd
Rock Hill441.525 +162.2WR4SC(5) More infoAdd
Florence441.875 +123.0WD4CHS(5) More infoAdd
Gaffney441.875 +123.0KF4BJO      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Jonesville441.900 +100.0AG4VT      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
COLUMBIA442.075 +156.7      More infoAdd
Spartanburg442.075 +123K4II(5) Spartanburg Amateur Radio Club...Add
Charleston442.150 +123.0N4SJW      Trident Hospital IRLP p...Add
Columbia442.200 +82.5N7GZT      This repeater is part of the I...Add
GREENVILLE442.25 +      More infoAdd
SUMMERVILLE442.3 +      More infoAdd
Pickens442.400 +127.3WX4PG(10) The correct PL for this repeat...Add
Bluffton442.675 +100.0W4IAR(5) This is a Club owned repeater<...Add
COLUMBIA443 +      More infoAdd
Greenville443.350 +nd4n      More infoAdd
CHARLESTON443.375 +100.00KD4TXX(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
York443.375 +110.9W4PSC(10) Part of the NCHEARS.ORG repeat...Add
AIKEN443.4 +      More infoAdd
charleston443.450 +0KD4TXX(5) OPEN TO ALL THIS A DMR REPEATE...Add
Hickory Tavern443.450 +162.2AC4RZ      Great coverage from atop 300ft...Add
Elgin443.600 +103.5ki4ivp(5) Repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X in A...Add
Gaffney443.625 +136.5N6WWG(7) This repeater was listed in Co...Add
Clover443.725 +127.3KC4KPJ      More infoAdd
LAURENS443.775 +      More infoAdd
Summerville443.7750 +123.0N2OBS(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
443.8 +      More infoAdd
Beaufort443.850 +123.0W4BFT(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Greenwood443.900 +107.2w4gwd      Greenwood Amateur Radio Societ...Add
FLORENCE444 +      More infoAdd
LANCASTER444.1 +      More infoAdd
Sumter444.150 +123.0W4GL      Owned and operated by the Sumt...Add
WEST COLUMBIA444.2 +156.7      More infoAdd

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6/18/2018       south carolina       Page 5
200 Repeaters
Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
CHARLESTON444.3 +      More infoAdd
Hilton Head Island444.350 +123.0W4IAR(5) More infoAdd
SUMTER444.5 +      More infoAdd
MYRTLE BEACH444.525 +      More infoAdd
Calhoun Falls444.575 +103.5KI4CCZ      Open local repeater. All licen...Add
Myrtle Beach444.575 +85.4w4gs      More infoAdd
NORTH CHARLESTON444.6 +      More infoAdd
Clemson444.625 +156.7WD4EOG(5) Clemson University Amateur Rad...Add
MYRTLE BEACH444.675 +      More infoAdd
Rock Hill444.725 +127.3KC4KPJ      More infoAdd
Gaffney444.900 +123.0KU4ZS      Open multi-repeater lin...Add
Myrtle Beach444.900 +100.0K4SHP      Linked to 147.090 223.9...Add
ANDERSON444.925 +      More infoAdd
Easley444.925 +103.5ac4rz      openemergency powerAdd
CHARLESTON444.95 +      More infoAdd
Orangeburg444.975 +WM3O      More infoAdd
Walhalla447.775 +127.3AE4PZ      Addition to previous submissio...Add
Conway462.550 +77.0WQKX 665(5) The 462.550 repeater is locate...Add
Columbia462.650 +141.3WQRL495(9) This is a GMRS radio repeater ...Add
Myrtle Beach462.650 +77.0WQKX 665(5) This system 650 is located on ...Add
GILBERT53.27 -      More infoAdd
PICKENS53.41 -      More infoAdd
927.5125 -100.0KE4PAB      SCs first coordinated repeater...Add

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