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5/22/2018       rhode island       Page 2
74 Repeaters
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CityOutputPLCall Sign(Rating) CommentsFavorite
Newport147.96 +100W1SYE      More infoAdd
Lincoln149.94 -K1KYI      Operated by the Rhode Island F...Add
Providence162.4 WXJ39      NOAA Weather - Supplied by NOA...Add
North Scituate223.76 -K1KYI      Operated by the Rhode Island F...Add
Newport223.820 -88.5N1JBC(5) Quahog Repeater Network...Add
EAST GREENWICH223.88 -      More infoAdd
COVENTRY223.9 -KA1ABI      More infoAdd
Warwick223.920 -KA1LMX      O/E Repeater(may)sometimes be ...Add
West Greenwich223.960 -67.0KA1RCI      Linked repeater system 145.170...Add
JOHNSTON223.98 -      More infoAdd
Lincoln224.040 -67.0KA1RCI      Linked Repeater System 145.170...Add
Coventry224.1 -67.0N1JBC(5) Quahog Repeater Network...Add
WARWICK224.2 -      More infoAdd
West Warwick224.300 -100.0K1WYC(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
CRANSTON224.56 -      More infoAdd
Exeter224.56 -100KA1NXS      Repeater is sometimes linked t...Add
PROVIDENCE224.76 -      More infoAdd
WEST WARWICK224.76 -KA1SOO      More infoAdd
TIVERTON224.84 -      More infoAdd
WARWICK224.88 -      More infoAdd
North Providence224.920 -67.0N1JBC(5) Quahog Repeater Network...Add
LINCOLN441.35 +      More infoAdd
Providence441.350 +103.5KA1RCI      Linked repeater system 145.170...Add
441.75 +192.8      More infoAdd
Bristol443.150 +94.8K1CW/R      Patriot Amateur Wireless Socie...Add
Warwick443.300 +192.8KA1RCY      More infoAdd
444.050 +151.4K1AST      Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Lincoln444.500 +67.0KA1RCI      Linked Repeater System 145.170...Add
Portsmouth446.375 -67.0KA1RCI      Linked Repeater System 145.170...Add
Warwick447.025 -88.5WA1ABC(5) Quahog Repeater Network...Add
447.025 -88.5WA1ABC(5) Quahog Repeater Network...Add
North Scituate447.425 -141.3K1KYI      Operated by the Rhode Island F...Add
Lincoln447.775 -67.0KA1RCI      Linked repeater system 145.170...Add
Newport448.325 -67.0KC2GDF(5) Quahog Repeater Network...Add
WEST GREENWICH448.675 -      More infoAdd
North Providence449.225 -141.3N1JBC(5) Quahog Repeater Network...Add
West Greenwich449.325 -127.3KA1RCI      Linked repeater system 145.170...Add
Westerly449.675 -127.3N1LMA      Formally WY1M. New owner and s...Add
Exeter449.9375 -dcs 244KB1JRX(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd
Lincoln462.625 +88.5WQIA483(10) Lincoln GMRS Community Repeate...Add
Newport462.700 +88.5WPRS986      Open GMRS Repeater. Visiters W...Add
Portsmouth53.170 -67.0KA1RCI(10) Linked Repeater System 53.170/...Add
North Scituate53.290 -82.5K1ZXX      This is the Windham County Low...Add
WOONSOCKET919.2 -      More infoAdd
LINCOLN921.2 -      More infoAdd
PROVIDENCE921.7 -      More infoAdd
NORTH PROVIDENCE927.7625 -67.0KA1EZH(5) Click Here MAP and More InfoAdd

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