Picture of the 17th edition(Sold out)
Repeater MapBook 18th edition for 2020
& Repeater Directory

With GRID SQUARES on every U.S. Map!

Completely updated using the repeater database at artscipub.com/repeaters

In this edition we have over 5,000 Editors updating the repeaters. No need to search all the inactive repeaters looking for a good one!

Repeater owners, users and fellow amateur radio operators from around the country have submitted detail information about their local repeaters. Submitters can edit the information at any time. We have the Largest, MOST accurate database available ANYWHERE.

We have included the NOAA Weather Frequencies for the United States.

We are now listing OPEN Business band repeaters also
A PERFECT travelling companion. The Mapbook contains locations of hundreds upon hundreds of open repeaters throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
These DETAILED maps show all highways and major cities in each state. If you travel anywhere in the United States, this MAPbook will be the best investment you ever made!!

Each state has a table listings of every known open repeater in the state. 10,6,2 meter, 220, 440 MHz and 1.2 GHz repeaters are shown.

If you would like to review the open repeater database take a look at our open repeater pages on the Internet.

Maps and listing are also included for Canada and Mexico.

Repeater Mapbook sells for $ 16.95 each.

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