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Softape Games were delivered on Cassette (the only media available at the time for the Apple II).

Titles included:
Baseball Fever by Peter Meng, Bridge 1 by Stan Blitz, Coney Island by Roger Walker, Crazy Eights by William V. R. Smith III, Fighter Pilot by Steve Baker, Dump/Restore by Williams g. Graces, Gomoku by Steve baker, Journey by Steve baker, Poker by John Warshawer, Othello by Gary Shannon, Pro Golf 1 by Jim Wells, Journey by Steve Baker, Racer by Lou Haehn, Saucer Invasion &Rocket Pilot by Bob Bishop, Solitaire Poker by Wiliam V. R. Smith III, Star Warriors &Space Maze by Bob Bishop, Typing Tutor by Robert Phillips
For the Atari 400-800 Cypher Bowl By Bill Depew







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